China guide for the diagnosis and treatment of senile osteoporosis (2018)

Guide name: China guide for the diagnosis and treatment of senile osteoporosis (2018)

Issued by: China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics(CAGG)

Post date: December 30, 2018

Brief introduction:

According to evidence-based medicine guide at home and abroad to establish standardized methods and steps, to form a multi-disciplinary expert working group development of the guidelines, successively through the guide to registration and guide plan writing, relevant guidelines evaluation analysis, clinical selection problem and determine, clinical evidence retrieval and evaluation, formation of recommendations, such as process, the consensus panel 3 rounds of discussion, the final guidelines for the Chinese older osteoporosis (2018).Use the GRADE system to GRADE the body of evidence and recommendations. At the same time, considering the preferences and values of Chinese patients, the cost of intervention measures and the balance of advantages and disadvantages, 15 recommendations are provided for the diagnosis and treatment of senile osteoporosis. The guidelines cover screening, risk assessment, diagnosis, baseline measures, a variety of anti-osteoporosis drugs, and efficacy monitoring and evaluation for osteoporosis in the elderly. This guide aims to provide scientific basis for clinicians and patients in China.

Classification: osteoporosis in old age