About Us

Shenzhen LifeHealth Medical Co., Ltd. is a professional pharmaceutical company focusing on the research and development, introduction, sales and promotion of quality drugs and brand drugs. It has a marketing management team and a professional promotion team that have been deeply engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. It has a comprehensive market operation system including import, distribution,logistics systems, academic promotion and e-commerce, and maintains good cooperation with many well-known pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in China

Business philosophy

Business philosophy

Lifehealth is committed to serving the public health, with the mission of " promote health industry progress and serve healthy life"; Adhere to the enterprise core values of "pragmatic, enterprising ,honest, innovative"; Let the public can "enjoy a healthy life" is the enterprise vision

The listed products

The listed products

At present, a number of imported brand drugs and domestic quality drugs are operated on the platform of Lifehealth, covering multiple fields including anti-infection treatment, respiratory disease treatment, orthopedic disease treatment, gynecological disease treatment, etc., providing more medical product choices for the majority of patients

Strategic Partners

Together with global partners, Lifehealth brings more quality and brand medicines to Chinese patients
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Focus on quality medicine, brand medicine

Committed to establishing a diversified health industry marketing system, adhere to "Pragmatic,Enterprising,Honest,Innovative"