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Shenzhen LifeHealth Medical Co., Ltd. is a professional pharmaceutical company focusing on the research and development, introduction, sales and promotion of quality drugs and brand drugs. It has a marketing management team and a professional promotion team that have been deeply engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. It has a comprehensive market operation system including import, distribution,logistics systems, academic promotion and e-commerce, and maintains good cooperation with many well-known pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in China

Business philosophy

Business philosophy

Lifehealth is committed to serving the public health, with the mission of " promote health industry progress and serve healthy life"; Adhere to the enterprise core values of "pragmatic, enterprising ,honest, innovative"; Let the public can "enjoy a healthy life" is the enterprise vision

The listed products

The listed products

At present, a number of imported brand drugs and domestic quality drugs are operated on the platform of Lifehealth, covering multiple fields including anti-infection treatment, respiratory disease treatment, orthopedic disease treatment, gynecological disease treatment, etc., providing more medical product choices for the majority of patients

Strategic Partners

Together with global partners, Lifehealth brings more quality and brand medicines to Chinese patients
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  • 27 2019-07
    The second “LifeHealth Cup” product knowledge competition was successfully concluded

    On July 26, the second “LifeHealth Cup ” product knowledge challenge competition, which was organized and guaranteed by the Marketing Department, was successfully completed. The second “LifeHealth Cup” added more competition modes, the competition is more standardized, more interesting, but also more intuitive and effective assessment of regional managers of product knowledge, speech ability and investment level. The team led by Ma Xiaoyou, deputy general manager of lifehealth, won the team championship in this product knowledge challenge! Look forward to a better performance in the next “LifeHealth Cup”!

  • 26 2019-06
    “Welcome reform, win the future” work summary meeting of lifehealth in the first half year of 2019

    On June 25, 2019, the 2019 annual lifehealth work summary meeting for the first half of the year was officially opened in Shenzhen. The first item on the agenda of the meeting was a speech by Ma Xiaoyou, deputy general manager, centering on “welcome the reform and win the future”. He proposed six key tasks and regulations for the second half of 2019, urging all employees to treat and complete their work seriously, encouraging employees to “follow the trend, take advantage of the trend, have a good attitude, and take positive actions” to meet the challenges in the future. After that, the Marketing Department, the finance department and the general manager office summarized the department’s work in the first half of 2019, and adjusted the department’s work plan and part of the work process in the second half of 2019 based on this, and further improved the work of the…

  • 11 2019-05
    Fifth national conference on colposcopy and cervical pathology (CSCCP)

    On May 10, 2019, by China healthy birth science association colposcopy and cervical pathology branch (CSCCP), cervical cancer prevention and control research professional committee, women’s and children’s health research institute, “Chinese journal of obstetrics and gynecology clinical club, Beijing university people’s hospital, Peking University Shenzhen hospital and Beijing hosted by the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the university of the fifth session of the national colposcopy and cervical pathology (CSCCP) conference in Shenzhen convention and exhibition center grand opening. With the theme of “promoting the fine management of cervical cancer prevention and treatment”, the conference made use of the models of academic lectures, academic thematic debates, treatment experience sharing and cervical cone cutting video competition to carry out academic exchanges and sharing, so as to strengthen the academic exchanges among fellow gynecologists, promote the development of disciplines, and build a high-level platform for the exchange of theoretical knowledge. The…

  • 22 2019-04
    The work summary meeting of lifehealth in the first quarter of 2019

    From April 20th to April 21st, the work summary meeting for the first quarter of 2019 of lifehealth was held in the conference room of Century Hua yuan business hotel, Shenzhen. lifehealth members and representatives of cooperative manufacturers to participate in this meeting. During the meeting, representatives of cooperative manufacturers conducted a product training. The regional managers gave feedback to some problems on the spot, which was answered by the factory representatives one by one, and in-depth discussions and exchanges were held in a warm atmosphere. After that, each department carried out work report one by one, showing the results of each department’s work in the first quarter, and made adjustment to the problems in the first quarter.

  • 17 2019-01
    “Laying a solid foundation and looking forward to the future” lifehealth annual work summary meeting of 2018 and annual meeting of 2019

    From January 12 to January 13, 2019, the 2018 annual work summary meeting and the 2019 annual meeting of lifehealth were held. On January 12, sales director Zhang Wei made a report on the company’s annual sales in 2018. By comparing and analyzing the annual sales data of each region in 2018, he made an in-depth analysis of the market conditions and the achievement of sales targets in each region in 2018. Subsequently, the department heads of the finance department, quality department, purchasing department and Marketing Department reported the work of the department during 2018, put forward the problems encountered by each department during 2018 and the corresponding countermeasures, and published the relevant work adjustment contents of the department in 2019. After the meeting, we had a rest. In the afternoon, we carried out the construction activity of Dameisha Beach Park Group, and conducted a three-hour “treasure hunt” activity in…


Focus on quality medicine, brand medicine

Committed to establishing a diversified health industry marketing system, adhere to "Pragmatic,Enterprising,Honest,Innovative"